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Martyn’s Law - Protection of Premises

Many of us have had the privilege to meet Figen Murray and hear her speak passionately about the tragic loss of her son Martyn at the Manchester Arena in 2017. Her subsequent experiences led to her tirelessly campaigning for legislation to ensure that all those venues and events that attract large numbers of people have a duty to keep those people safer from the risks we see today relating to terrorism.

What can venues & event organisers do now?

Police CPI and its seven initiatives are all working to support Figen’s work as we move towards what will be known as Martyn’s Law. The recent second public consultation will lead to the second reading of what will be an updated draft Bill, hopefully this summer.

The important message at the moment is that not enough venues or event organisers are aware of this and even less have started to take the first steps towards protecting the public, who they rely on to keep their business operating.

At this stage no one can help you to become compliant because we have not seen what the final piece of legislation looks like. Until it becomes law, we can only look at those elements of the draft Bill(s) and anticipate those elements that make good common sense.

Protect UK

Always, always, always check the Protect UK website for the most up to date information.

At Protect UK you will also find useful guidance regarding how to conduct risk and threat assessments and simple steps to improve security NOW, such as completing the eLearning courses that are available.

Coming soon

The Protection of Premises eLearning Course: First Steps to Understanding Martyn’s Law. Developed on a non-profit basis by the police and partners, this eLearning course is designed to prepare venues and locations for the Protection of Premises Bill, also known as Martyn’s Law.

Register your interest by clicking the button below and we will advise you when this is launched.