Safer Streets Fund Assistance

What is the Safer Streets Fund?

safer streetsThirty-five police and crime commissioners (PCCs) are to receive funding from a £25 million scheme to reduce burglary and theft in crime hotspots. 

  • Grants of up to £550,000 will be provided to PCCs in England and Wales for projects to improve security in areas particularly affected by burglary, vehicle theft and robbery. 
  • Grants will go towards measures proven to sustainably cut crime such as:
    • improved home security
    • simple changes to the design of streets
    • increased street-lighting
    • installation of CCTV
  • The funding will also be used to train community wardens and deliver local crime prevention advice to residents.

Safer Streets Specialised Workshop

As a result of being contracted by the Home Office to provide support for Designing Out Crime Officers and the offices of Police Crime Commissioners involved in submitting Safer Streets bids, the Academy has developed a workshop that will increase the capacity of community representatives to identify and implement practical solutions which will assist communities in preventing crime and anti-social behaviour. 

For more information, or to book a workshop with the Academy, please contact: