Crime Prevention qualifications

Since 1829, the primary objective of police has been to prevent crime. The aim of this has always been to reduce the number of victims and build safe communities where people can live, work and play. This has become an even greater priority in recent years as demands on shrinking police numbers have increased.

The Police Crime Prevention Academy is uniquely positioned to deliver crime prevention courses due to its close association with the 43 national police services in the UK. Course content is developed based on the most recent crime trends and proven best practice. As an example, the Secured by Design scheme has seen an 87% reduction in all forms of crime on new housing estates.

Problem solving is a key part of crime prevention. Through partnership approaches, problem solving can deliver the most cost effective solutions to issues that are causing a high demand on police and local authority services.

The core function of all these qualifications is to reduce risk. This makes them also applicable to the private security sector.